Wednesday, September 28, 2011

a wee bit greener...

Chelle here!
Just as a disclaimer, for the next week, Yelle is going to be out of town (jealous) and I will be in total crunch mode trying to finish up at fire academy. I am going to try to post every day but I can pretty much guarantee that the posts will be short and sweet and quite possibly pointless :) Like today's for instance:

I have this overwhelming urge to tell you about how my house just got a little greener. WAIT FOR IT!!!!!....

WAIT FOR IT.......

We starting composting! 

YAY! But, For what? I have know idea. We live in a condo and have NO backyard! I guess I will have to keep you updated with just what we will do with all of our greenness. 

This is what we did!

We ordered a kitchen top composter online. It looks like this...
on the left... duh

and we fill it like this...


AND THEN... (when it's full) we empty it in this...

We got this BIGGER composter in the garden center at Lowes for $39! 

Here, it looks like I lied and that maybe we do have a backyard but it's all an illusion. Seriously, we have like 5 square feet of grass.

ANNNDDDDD... that's ALL I got for you today. But, I am having calamari steaks tonight and I CANNOT wait to tell you if I throw up  they're great. Also, check the facebook page for the dinner I made LAST night. SOOO EEFFFIINNNG good!  

Time to hit the gym before academy. LATER LOVAS!!!

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