Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Partner PARK WOD!

Chelle here!
Today, Cave Mama and I were able to sync our days off (YAY! for mother-daughter bonding). Every bit of my inspiration to be fabulous comes from my mama (yes... i call her mama...hate if you wanna) She has been super active and healthy all her life, she has a smokin' hot bod and she cooks like a pro (ALL paleo I might add). So obvi I think she's super RAD!

This is us.
Aren't we darling?? (thank God I remembered to shave my armpits!)

We decided to go to the park for a fun partner workout. And all we used was are hot bods and this ball.

Mama with her ball...

This was the workout: 
1 mile run with the medicine ball (we periodically passed it back and forth when are arms felt like they were going to fall off)
20 partner sit ups with the ball (we faced each other and passed it back and forth; 20 each...so, 40)
20 slam ball/squats (I completed 20 slam balls while mama squatted ... then we switched)
*repeat the sit up, slam ball, squat sequence 3 times
1 mile run WITHOUT the medicine ball


Medicine ball run (figuring out how to hold it is the best part).

Sit ups (imagine me facing her... we forgot to bring a photog)

Slam ball!!!


Today is off to a great start. I get to check a couple things of my fav list including: eggs, bacon, coconut milk, coconut oil, fruit, fish oil, sun, grass, sweat, vibrams, clean air, RED LEAF TEA (which I'm currently drinking).

AND my day has only just begun!

Happy, healthy.... and now hungry. LATER LOVES. 

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