Thursday, February 9, 2012



Long time no blog L
[This is my mega sad face]

But OMG! I’m about to smile my face off  while telling you what the HECK I’ve been up to in the past couple months.

Graduate fire academy…. check

New boyfriend (my bff)…. check

Apply for a fire job… check

Get an interview… check!!!

Find out IM PREGNANT (holy shizz…ummmm)!!!!…. check???  [I know right!?]


GET AN MFin FIRE JOB!!!… double checkskis!!!

Yes, you read ALL of that correctly. In a matter of months, I’ve become a wife, mother-to-be and firefighter (I get fitted for gear Monday…EEEEK!!!!).

I know this is totally not how everyone would choose to do things in my situation but, that’s just it. It’s MY SITUATION. So judge away (I’m getting super used to it and I kind of love it in a “lets give em somethin to talk about way”). I am so happy and I married my best friend who treats my like a Sparkly-Disney-Fire-Princess J

 So, how does this pertain to the blog?


Pregnancy has affected my paleo lifestyle tremendously!!!

First I was all “I’m pregnant and I’m going to be so healthy and paleo for my baby YAY!

Then I was all “I’m pregnant and hungry and I can eat whatever I want YAY”

Then I was all “ OMG, CRY-BARF!”

And now I’m all “You are suuuchhh a TARD… get with it CHICA!”

Reality check... 

I read that women who gain too much weight in pregnancy are either

A.     Super unhealthy     or

B.     Chronic dieters who go CRAY CRAY and eat everything in sight because it is socially OK and you’re pregnant and “eating for two”!

OMG, STOP IT!!! I’M SO choice B!!! [which in turn makes me choice A… again...cry-barf]

First off- I don’t consider myself a chronic dieter; paleo is a lifestyle. BUT, I am definitely a strict eater who, when given the opportunity, went FOOD LOCO!

Secondly- I may be eating for two but, NOT TWO FULL GROWN PEOPLE. Today, I am 13 weeks and my baby weighs in at roughly an ounce. You do that math….

Thirdly- WHY ON EARTH is it socially okay to eat your face off and feed the little alien baby you are trying to grow inside you a bunch of garbage??

So, as shamed as I am to tell you that I fell off the band wagon, I believe that it keeps things REAL and RELATIVE.

So if you’re about to be all “I’m not pregnant so this blog isn’t for me anymore ” ….DON’T!!

I wont be all BABY GAGA! I promise!

I will talk a lot about fighting cravings (which… lets be sers… WE ALL HAVE) and getting back ON the bandwagon after an epic fumble/face plant.

ANNDDD post lots of recipes per usual...

PLUS+ …YELLE will be back! 

So that's the latest!!! I hope you enjoyed it!
But, If not f*** you  THANKS FOR STOPPING BY!!!

I'll be back tomorrow with some work lunch ideas!!!!