Friday, September 16, 2011

Grumpy Cave Girl + Red leaf Tea = :)

(In the dialog below, names will be changed... only because the tail wipe im talking about would become exponentially cooler simply from his cameo on our blog... he doesn't deserve that)

John: (Walks over all puppy dog like... the only time in my life I've had the urge to punch a puppy dog)  "Do you not like me?"
Chelle: (Rolls eyes) "...."
John:  (Much more emphatically) "Do YOU not like me?"
Chelle: We're being honest?
John: Yes...

Chelle: Well... you see.... I want to like you but, in my heart of hearts I know you're a huge tool bag. So, no. I don't like you. But I can say that, right?"
John: "...)#(*$)#*..."

Yeah. I know I eat all primal but, it was probably totally uncalled for to go angry cave women on "John".

Bad assumption... I'm sure cave women were SUPER polite...
 ....even if sometimes I wish he fell down a flight of stairs

Any who, life happens, right? Well, the past couple weeks have been rather stressful for me and on top of that I decided to go off "the pill" in attempt to be even more Paleo. BAD TIMING! NOT all of my ideas are the brightest but baby I OWN it. Because of this, my hormones have been so far off balance I can't even walk straight (that could be the tequila though... Whatever). So, the other day, Cave mama (my FAB matriarch in the household) told me about this new paleo sports drink (will post recipe soon) that contains red leaf tea; which is good for hormone balance and  "you really should try it, chelle"... thanks MOM! So, as always, I took mama's advice and LET ME TELL YOU every one's happier. I even did this totally sound scientific experiment and listened to my fav new Kelly Clarkson song and I didn't even cry. MAJOR IMPROVEMENT! Now, that's what I call proof in the pudding...errrr not pudding... pistachio? Whatever, insert some paleo food that starts with a "P".

Also I no longer have random people yelling "You're a crazy Bi***, hormones!!! Not you, HORMONES!!!"
Fav movie. So, if you didn't get that quote, please spare me the embarrassment and pretend like you did
I must say red leaf tea has improved my quality of life. I'm just like a really awesome person now. I even started this blog and 16 people like it... Yeah, 16 whole people. The moral of this story is: Drink red leaf tea and be instantly nice and super popular 
...or maybe it's "Listen to your mama" or something like that. Regardless it's REALLY important. 
FO REAL THO- If you're interested in trying red leaf tea, I suggest buying it locally at Hooker Tea Company on Beach Dr. THE END <3


  1. Have you considered pine needle tea?

  2. Never! But i LOVE the suggestion. That sounds delicious!