Friday, September 16, 2011

OMG YAY. 40 DAY CHALLENGE! Are YOU up for it?

Hi all, Yelle here. So as you know, Chelle posted the last 2 blogs, and I haven't posted since Day 1. Well, I totally forgot how to sign in, so thank GOD I have a partner in this to steer me back on track, or the blog would have ended with an Edward Scissorhands picture, and day 1 would have also been the final day. How tragic! Thank goodness for Chelle, crisis averted.

SINCE we've pretty much overhauled our bodies, (or are in the process of overhauling our bodies), we decided, what the heck, let's go ahead and shock our ENTIRE system and do something else completely ridiculous and overhaul our homes too.  This challenge isn't quite as challenging though, and we thought we'd share it with you as well, in case you want to do something different and improve your quality of life. I take NO credit for this, I found it on [my OBSESSION] and THEY found it on who found it from someone else who probably found it from someone else..  It's intended purpose seems to have been for Lent during Easter, but we just found it now, so why wait? We're starting it on SUNDAY! 

Chelle and I don't live together, so we're obvi going to have different things to organize, and you will too! (She clearly won't need to organize her bathroom.)We hope you enjoy this, and have a cleaner and more organized living space!

I like the thought of having to only do ONE thing a day, because I'm lazy. It reminds me of this saying:

 which is exactly how I feel about cleaning. LUCKILY, my poor sister/roomie (E, who is FABULOUS and you'll hear a TON more about) will be STOKED that I am doing something productive in our home besides making a mess, leaving dishes in the sink, leaving the mail on the floor, leaving my "projects" on the dining room table, using the guest towels to clean my eye makeup off and getting our 3 dogs and 2 cats really, REALLY rowdy for no reason except the sheer entertainment of it (usually right before bed). Cheers to me doing something non destructive in our home for a change!

Feel free to comment on your progress if you decide to join us in this challenge. Remember, this is a really good time to rid your pantry and kitchen of things that are not good for your body. THIS is a good start to "keepin it real" as Chelle calls it.  Take care of you body like you would your favorite [fill in your favorite thing here]! 

I'll post my edited one when I finish it, but this is the original! Have fun and happy cleaning. :)

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  1. Oh I want to join in! I'm not sure if it will happen in 40 days, this organizing project in my home in just my own part of the house seems to be going on 1.5 years!
    What's bad is when you are trying to organize that is when someone gives you a bag of their old things. Or it's when someone is clearing out and you find all sorts of nifty items that really you don't need, but you just happen to be in the mindset for the day... Maybe I can use this.
    I think overall I want to tackle the deck. When my dad's shop closed all of these old car parts ended up on the deck. Have been meaning to post them on eBay, should sell them on eBay, but no I have not done what I was supposed to do. I still think it's part of the grieving process, it's not stuff to keep but I know that's less and less of the shop. I think having a friend act as a cheerleader or even participating in someway would be so helpful. It's easy to make excuses for yourself and let things fall to the bottom of the to-do list.