Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Decrudding the Bathroom

Hi all! Chelle here! (the less cool of the elle cave twins) (the one that makes Yelle do wierd things like stop shampooing her hair MAINLY because she is the only person who listens to me)

So, just so y'all can kind of pretend to know what were blabbing about on this blog, I'll give you a little background. Me and Yelle follow the paleaolithic diet (ie. cave man diet). After a very successful transition decrudding our bodies from the inside-out, we are now attempting to do the same from the outside-in (which btdub is MUCH harder than the first if you are as vain as I am). That being said, ditching the smell goodies has proven less painful than previously suspected so I thought I'd share with you my switch from crud-full to crud-free. (AKA I'm a total hippie and im crying right now admitting it)

OKAY OKAY. So, I don't even know you and I'm already going to let you in on my deepest and darkest... I'm a hot mess...
Exhitbit A
Exhibit B

There's more but you get the idea. I spend way too much time in the bathroom and way too much of my hard earnings on beauty products. 

Mission #1 Get rid of the crud
I spent close to 45 minutes cleaning out EVERYTHING that wasn't 100% natural
It's hard to really see here how much crap I have but, just for a visual... this box is big enough to ship a small child ranging from approx age 4 to age 8 (not recommended)

Mission #2 Clean the bathroom
So I used "all natural" products to clean the bathroom. Some were store bought (not so proud of) and, some were homemade (me dumping a bunch of baking soda in the toilet because I'm out of toilet boil cleaner... also not so proud of). Cut me some slack... BABY STEPS!

Mission #3 Restock my bathroom with more kind-to-my-body products

Ahhh the simplicity


Very happy to learn that the mineral makeup I already use is Gluten free!!!


Please note that there is a razor in the shower. This cave girl SHAVES... Poser?? I just like to think i'm well evolved

Well there you have it. Interesting huh? I'm sure that watching the progess of someone clean their bathroom was on your to do list today
 Along with...
-Watch the grass grow 
- Read the dicitonary 
- Scatch your own eyes out for the shear fun of it

The GOOD news is there's more to come! Ya, I know! So, If you're one of those people who spends time cutting the grass by hands with sissors, stay tuned for an even LESS interesting post on what I keep in my lovely new glass bottles that I am totally obsessed with!!! :)

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